La Mer Team 30 Day Cleanse! Join Us!

La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group is excited to be taking 30 days to Healthy Challenge February 15, partnering with Ingrid Boehm, Arbonne Independent Consultant.  Ingrid shared the benefits of "clean eating" in conjunction with Arbonne's vegan, soy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free products.  We will report on our progress with this program - Healthy is the new Happy!

The benefits of the Arbonne 30 Day Detox?

1. You actually eat food! This is not a starvation or juice diet.
2. You don't have to work out to see results!
3. You have 2 shakes, 1 clean meal, and healthy snacks every day with our easy to follow program! 
4. You will feel SO much better than you thought you could, just by eating healthier foods and eliminating toxins gently from your body!

Are you interested in joining us on the path to feeling healthy? 

Call our office for more information!


Educational Event Saturday!

If you had the opportunity to learn how to…

 - Reduce your risk of all degenerative diseases

- Improve your current state of health

Transform how you feel and look


 Wouldn’t you want to know how?


Improve your health for a future of thriving,

and living the Good Life!

PRESENTER - Tonya Shepley

Tonya has worked in the health and nutrition field for 16 years. She has partnered with medical professionals and businesses to help educate their patients and employees in the area of nutrition by providing special educational seminars at their facilities. Her passion lies in wellness education. She believes that the greatest medicine of all is to educate and inspire people to take control of their own health with whole food nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

 When: Saturday JANUARY 23RD @ 11:00 a.m.

Where: 2610 Upperbay Dr. Oxnard Ca, 93036

 RSVP to Tonya Shepley at (805)377-4190

Or E-mail at

My Journey with Heidi Stewart Fitness

Many of us want to start a new week with new beginnings and new goals. This was me with dieting and exercising. But I struggled to keep these goals and would give up. It wasn’t until August of 2014 that I met Heidi Stewart Fitness through my sister-in-law and she changed my life forever. This is when my journey started.

I learned quickly through Heidi that I had to think of it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. This has really helped me through my journey and my success. When I started my sister-in-law took me for my first run and I couldn’t even run a mile without saying “okay, let’s stop” but she encouraged me to keep going and supported me. Next thing you know I could run more and more miles without stopping and 26.2 miles later on the trails and countless metals for 5k’s and Half Marathons. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt physically and mentally. But this was the first step. The next thing I took on was setting up a food journal and started logging all the food that I was eating. This really helps track what I am putting into my body and helps me have better eating habits. But of course every now and then I have a “cheat day” to reward myself for all my hard work that I do. I think this is important because I feel I have something to look forward to. Overall I have lost 30lbs over this past year through dedication and support from all the people at Heidi Stewart Fitness.

This is just the beginning and the journey will never end because I feel I can always improve myself physically and mentally.

For more information, visit Heidi Stewart's website

Article written by Candace Otineru, Medical Assistant


Add Cinnamon To Your Spice Rack

The cinnamon plant processes phenomenal qualities that include it being a potent, antimicrobial agent displaying antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. It regulates blood sugar, hence, diabetics can benefit from consuming cinnamon. It contains cinnamic acid that decreases blood sugar levels and improves glucose intolerance in a dose dependent manner. Also, it enhances insulin secretion from pancreatic islet cells.


It acts as a calcium channel blocker thus causing vascular relaxation. A great way to utilize cinnamon is to cut apple slices, place them in a baggy, sprinkle with cinnamon, shake up the bag to coat the apple slices. This is a healthy snack you can take anywhere. 

Cinnamon can also be used to spice up your coffee, sprinkle on oatmeal, or add to your morning breakfast smoothie.

Article written by Dr. Indarigt Singh, MD

Dr. Singh's focus is healthy living and acupuncture helps with managing chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.  He has been board certified in Family Medicine and received extensive training in acupuncture at UCLA and at the Academy of Pain Management for Acupuncture. He incorporates auricular acupuncture, body acupuncture and scalp acupuncture and the results are complementary to western medical practice.  A well and balanced person is in a dynamic state of physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.