Sugar, Sugar,.........honey, honey, you are my candy girl.........

Avoid ADDED sugars!  It is best for your health.  Sugar in blueberries is fine, but the other ingredients in the pancakes----that is added.    If you add any kind of sugar to a food product--- that is an added sugar!   Rising rates of diabetes and obesity have been contributed to the massive quantities of sugar intake.   Try to eat and drink less of all sugars.  This can be done by   identifying the added sugars in the foods you eat and secondly, by reading the labels --i.e. corn sweetener, cane sugar.    It is okay to enjoy, in moderation, your unhealthy treats--just try to avoid the added sugars and unnecessary additives.

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A newsy article appeared in Popular Science, June 13, 2018.

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Written by Jeanne Hesse

Jeanne Hesse is the Director of Patient Services for La Mer. She enjoys reading and walking with her grandchildren.