Book Review: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

I recommend reading the book, Reversing Heart Disease to empower yourself to

participate in your healthcare in partnership with your physician.

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes hypertension and obesity are on the

rise. Surgical procedures like coronary bypass surgery or inserting a stent does not address

underlying problem of the disease.

On the other hand, paying attention to good nutrition addresses the fundamental problem in evolution of these diseases. Genes that express disease do not have to be one’s destiny. Studies show that good nutrition, exercise and meditation can down regulate “disease expressing genes” and upregulate genes that promote health.

Also, telomerase activity is increased thus lengthening telomere and increasing lifespan.

Article written by Dr. Indarjit Singh, MD




Dr. Singh's focus is healthy living and acupuncture helps with managing chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.  He has been board certified in Family Medicine and received extensive training in acupuncture at UCLA and at the Academy of Pain Management for Acupuncture. He incorporates auricular acupuncture, body acupuncture and scalp acupuncture and the results are complementary to western medical practice.  A well and balanced person is in a dynamic state of physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.