Amazing Benefits of Jazzercise!

There are many wonderful advantages of Jazzercise we would require two blogs to make my point. This dance based workout is an hour long class that blends jazz dance (and jazz hands, ha ha), core work, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and Latin-style developments set to all the top pop music hits. People of all ages are able to Jazzercise. All of the instructors will give you alternate ways of doing the routines in a “light” way if you have knee or other joint pain.

Any activity is useful for burning calories, however this is a fun exercise option that helps you burn between 600-800 calories!

One of my main attractions to Jazzercise fitness is the benefit to my mood. The endorphins released during my workout have improved my mood 100 fold. Jazzercise is like life’s natural antidepressant!

As with any physical activity, Jazzercise is also a stress reducer. I have made it part of my schedule after work. It is really helpful to have an outlet after sitting for 8 hours or more a day.

One of the greatest benefits to Jazzercise besides better physical health is the community of people that frequent the classes. Most of them have been doing it for years, sometimes 20+ years! Everyone is super friendly and welcoming, I have never felt like people were judging me like I have felt in other workout environments. And this is not just my local Jazzercise center, Jazzercise has an app you can use where you can put in the zip code of wherever you are and it will give you all the classes near you! I have been to Jazzercise in multiple cities up and down California, Arizona, Missouri and Nevada. I have even been to Jazzercise in Carrickmacross Ireland! It really is a generous community of ladies (and some men too) that make it really easy to make part of your routine.

Jazzercise was the first exercise that I have really stuck with because of the positive environment, killer workout and amazing people that attend it.

For the month of May, Jazzercise, Inc. is having a promotion where you can try out classes for free. Here is the link:

Check out one near you!

I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of fitness for my brain and body health. I have found Jazzercise through my local community center and alternate it with a boot camp fitness too.

It is my wish that everyone could find something as healthy as Jazzercise that they could really embrace and add all the benefits to their daily life. The benefit is immeasurable!

Written by Keri Pimentel

Keri is the Coordinator of Patient Services for La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group