Fountain of Youth!


"The fountain of youth" are the words Tony Wyss–Coray used during his TED talk “How Young blood might help reverse aging". This is a fascinating new development in understanding the aging process and things we can do to reverse the course of aging.

Initial data came from studies on mice. Initially mice were vascularly connected with tubes between old and young mice. The results showed a positive response in that the older mice became younger with improved muscle, organ systems including brain functioning.

This was repeated using plasma of the young mice given to the older mice which showed similar results. This is suggesting that the blood contains substances that change with age and associated with what we see when we get older.

The lab results also show that the younger mice become older if given serum and blood products from older mice.

Interesting, older mice given serum of young human beings had similar results.  The older mice were developing younger appearance and overall biological functioning.

The University of Stanford has initiated study observing possible changes in older patients with degenerative brain disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. They’re giving these patients plasma from younger people.

This is exciting interesting information suggesting there are factors that change with age in our blood that can be reversed. Now we are to find out what these factors are and how we can duplicate it. 



Article written by Jerry Bruns, MD

Dr. Bruns is a native of Southern California. He attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and finished his psychiatric residency and clinical fellowship at USC. Dr. Bruns is the founder of La Mer Integrative and Behavioral Medical Group and he has practiced Psychiatry in Ventura County since 1990.   Dr. Bruns special interests include healthy aging and nutrition and their critical role in overall health for the active patient.  He also specializes in anxiety, depression and behavioral management with the elderly and also the developmentally disabled young adults.   Currently Dr. Bruns serves as Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Alzheimer's Association in Ventura County. He is a frequent leader in collegial continuing education programs and directing innovative clinical outpatient programs. 



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