Grab your sneakers ................ and go!


Walk, it’s healthy living. No dress code, no special equipment, simply a pair of comfortable tennis shoes and begin walking.

A few years ago, I decided I needed some sort of physical activity in my life; so I began to walk around in my neighborhood. I walked slow and breathed heavy. Oftentimes, I stopped and rested a minute to regain my strength and then continued walking.

Each morning, I put on my sneakers and out the door I go. I began to truly appreciate the fresh air and all the beauty and nature around me.

Walking is easy on the heart. Walk to meditate or listen to audio books, walk while listening to music, or walk with a friend and enjoy good conversation.

It’s not just about walking but buying a new life. Now I walk 2 miles a day, four times a week. Me, personally, I enjoy walking alone to mediate and to appreciate the nature and beauty around me.

It’s so important to take care of yourself because then, you are able to take care of others. That truly is a gift!

Written by Jeanne Hesse

Jeanne Hesse is the Director of Patient Services for La Mer. She enjoys reading and walking with her grandchildren.