Joyful Release of Liability

A joyful update: Waivers signed and taken to heart!

A wonderful time was had by all at La Mer's holiday party! There was definitely humming heard and giggling felt at Red Brick Art! Our instructor Jen did not disappoint.  She led us all on the journey to our inner Piccassos or Manets.

Check out her website for more info:


In this age where we sign liability waivers for everything, here is a release all La Mer staff will be signing for this year's Christmas party. Maybe we all need to sign one of these this holiday season!  Sign on the dotted line for a good time:

                   Christmas Party Liability Release Form:

I, ____________     understand that this event is a free form, uncontrolled, natural flowing Christmas Party and that there is inherent risk associated with such an event. The following risks I have made myself and my party aware of, which may include, and are not limited to: Sudden yearning to be jolly, urges to carol or hum loudly, possible giddiness, swelling of warmth in your heart, urge to hug, high five, indulge in sweets and beverage. I understand that if I should feel unsteady with joy, I can alert the Security Risk Officer and she will give you a knowing smile and pass the joy along. In rare cases, allergic reaction may occur when laughing too hard or smiling too much. Symptoms may include, rosy cheeks, sore stomach muscles, glassy eyes. I understand that I am responsible for my fun today and will spread good cheer unto others. 

In case of emergency, open wine and contact the Security Risk Officer for help summoning an Uber taxi.

I agree to the above and promise to have a wonderful 2017.


Joyful Signature


Security Risk Officer of Enjoyment