Happy New Year!

Here we go again with the new year making promises and new year resolutions for getting into shape, losing a little weight, saving up for a trip, etc...  Let’s reflect how often to we join a Gym in January and actually go for about 6 times then just stop or slowly over a couple of months we go less and less. Defeated. How many times have we signed up for the January special to get into shape we know it is good for us and we are willing to pay to go we just don't.  Defeated.  We start walking and parking far away from the entrances to get in the extra steps then slowly but surely we stop walking daily and parking closer and closer to the entrances.  Defeated.  We start counting calories or join Weight Watcher's, Jenny Craig, etc... the weight comes off and then we start the downhill slide again and slowly gaining the precious weight loss back. Defeated. 

So why is it that others succeed and others fail?  I know for me I get all "gung ho"  and see the results then over time the weight slowly comes back, I can't maintain the dedication to keep it off.  Life gets in the way and just throws me off track, sure I get back on track once I can focus on myself again and then start the cycle again.

So let's break the cycle. Let's start loving ourselves and care about ourselves year round not just with New Year Resolutions or when a big event is coming up and we need to get into shape for it.  We need to make conscience decisions daily about what we eat but also what we are missing (fruits and vegetables) with our meals.  Just removing processed foods high in refined sugars is a great way to start.  We know walking is good for us so just do it even if you start out for only 15 minutes a day.  We need to start making our health a priority not an inconvenience.  Remember we are who we are from conception to today so we can't change everything overnight.  Start at your own pace remember to love yourself and don't compare yourself to others we are all unique.  Also being skinny does not always equate with being healthy.  Having a healthy mind, soul and body is a life long process that we need to work on daily. 

So let's start the New Year loving and caring for ourselves and promise to make time for ourselves.  

Article Written by Debbie Herrera, CNS, NP for La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group

Debbie Herrera is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and COO of La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group. After she received her degree from UCLA, she specialized in psychiatry with Dr. Jerry R. Bruns.  Her focus is with Alzheimer’s patients and developmentally delayed patients regarding behavioral management issues. Debbie is dedicated to our community.  She is a member of the Ventura County Alzheimer’s Medical Advisory Board, member of Rotary Club, and actively educates professionals in behavioral medicine.