Cybersecurity at La Mer

Cybersecurity is the protection of data and data systems in networks that are connected to the internet.

Part of good patient care is also being able to provide safe record-keeping practices.

At La Mer, we remind ourselves that the electronic health record (EHR) represents not just a collection of data but each is a unique and valuable human being that needs safeguarding from cyber threats.

Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria, through Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, make it certain that most eligible physicians are connected to the internet in some way. To exchange your data with your other doctors to provide better clinical care, submit claims electronically, or e-prescribing, an internet connection is a necessity in our day to day operations.

To protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic health records systems, La Mer uses the best cyber security practices. La Mer’s Quality Council meets twice a year to implement new security measures and give the team a refresher course on computer use hygiene habits.

One way La Mer has to securely interact with patient record requests is by using our secure messaging portal called “Patient Ally”. With Patient Ally you can:

  •  Send/Receive secure messages to your healthcare provider
  •  Track your medication history
  • Request prescription refills
  • Request and view lab results from your physician
  • Securely store and transmit medical history and documents
  • View your latest vitals or enter and keep track of your own vitals
  • View personalized education sources.

Please contact the La Mer Staff to learn how to activate your account today!

- Keri Pimentel

Coordinator or Patient Services