Coconut Oil Provides Added Fuel for the Brain

There is so much misinformation in the media about the impact of fats in the diet.

There are two kinds of saturated fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) and long chain fatty acids (LCFA). MCFAs are converted into Ketones (energy) very quickly and do not cause hardening of the arteries or does not get stored in the adipose (belly-fat) tissue. (1)

Coconut oil contains 66% MCFAs.

One simple change you can make to your diet is to swap out vegetable oil used in cooking for coconut oil.

The studies look promising, but there isn’t enough research to prove the therapeutic use of coconut oil.

As a team, La Mer supports the use of coconut oil in diet as opposed to the use of animal fats or vegetable oils. Speak with our team to see if coconut oil would be beneficial in your diet.


(1)      Philippine Journal Of CARDIOLOGY July-September 2003, Volume 31 Number 3:97-104 COCONUT OIL: Atherogenic or Not? (What therefore causes Atherosclerosis?) Conrado S. Dayrit, MD, FPCC, FPCP, FACC


Written by La Mer Integrative & Behavioral Medical Group Treatment Team-

Indarjit Singh MD, Debbie Herrera NP, Michael Huff MD, Tisha Sheikh MD